Bellingham Capital Management, Inc. Portfolio Manager - Brian Smith


Bellingham Capital Management designs prudent, analytical investment models for a wide variety of objectives. We conduct thorough financial analyses to help you simplify your life. What we do for you: Research: We constantly monitor macroeconomic trends and geo-political events to look for areas in which to invest or to avoid. Analyze Risk: Detailed research is performed on potential investments with an eye on potential risks. Portfolios are constructed utilizing our macro-economic views as well as our opinions on expected risk factors. Adjust: Regular monitoring of risks, allocations, and market movement assist in determining when to make adjustments to our portfolios. Stay Informed: Changes to our macroeconomic views can happen slowly or quickly. We believe constant vigilance is necessary in order to identify changes in risks and opportunities. We help you: Set Your Goals: We believe that setting goals is the foundation for personal achievement. Helping you with that process often is the nudge you need to begin planning for your future. Work Towards It: Once you have established your goals, we take an active role in helping you achieve them, often acting as your "accountability partner" to keep you on track. Evaluate Progress: Mid-course corrections to your financial goals and investment parameters help align you, your spending habits, and your investments. We believe the simple act of evaluating progress provides significant benefits to your ability to accomplish your goals. As we walk beside you through this process, we are better able to make sure your investments are in-line with your unique needs.


316 E McLeod Rd, #105

Bellingham, Washington 98226
United States

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  • provide prudent analytical investment models
  • Retirement/financial independence plans
  • Budgeting
  • Capital needs analysis
  • Income tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Education planning
  • Risk management
  • Employee stock option planning
  • Mortgage loan evaluation
  • Real-estate options
  • Investment planning
  • Investment Policy Statements


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