Edgewater Advising, LLC - Debbie J. Ahl


Debbie Ahl is an insightful Director with 30 years’ experience on boards including subsidiaries of publicly traded companies, private and not-for profit organizations. Debbie is a discerning leader with talent for connecting people, information, organizations and developments within a global picture. and a strategic leader with a passion for creating impact and results through full stakeholder engagement. With a broad background in public, private and not-for-profit organizations; including 20 years in the C-Suite and 10 years as CEO accountable for top line growth and bottom line performance, Edgewater Advising is passionate about the role of culture and stakeholder engagement in achieving results, and creating clarity of purpose and strategy, understanding core competencies, identifying key performance metrics and ensuring focused quality improvement and expense management initiatives. Edgewater Advising is adept at identifying issues impeding performance and mapping solutions based on data analysis, insight and intuition.


49 Strawberry Point
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United States

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