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ETC Telecom Making Communications Easy providing telephone systems and communication solutions for Greater Vancouver’s small to medium businesses since the early 1980’s. With our in-depth knowledge of the SMB’s telecommunications requirements, ETC Telecom can provide a suite of products and services to save your business time and money. Let ETC Telecom be your first contact. ETC Telecom, a Canadian owned and operated business, provides communications solutions to our business clients. Since 1981, we have earned the reputation of providing superior customer service through a commitment to listening to our customers, and addressing their individual needs. Not every customer has the same needs, so ETC Telecom custom-designs solutions to fit each business. Our philosophy is simple: ETC Telecom wants to make your business more efficient in the way you communicate by providing solutions that save you time and money. In doing so, ETC Telecom helps you to reduce waste, improving your bottom line, and lessening your impact on the environment. • If your business has two or more locations, ETC Telecom can help you save on your payroll, travel expenses, and long distance charges. • If you have an older telephone system, ETC Telecom can help you save on maintenance costs, line charges, or all of the above. The latest addition to ETC Telecom’s product line is the award-winning Allworx family of telephone systems. If your office includes mobile users, Allworx is uniquely suited to your business. We are the local reseller for ESI (Estech Systems Inc.) of Dallas, Texas. Since 1999, ETC Telecom has installed ESI’s line of all-in-one telephone systems for offices of up to 200 users. Plantronics is known for their headsets. As a Plantronics partner, ETC Telecom can provide a range of products that best fit your business needs. For further information or if you wish to discuss your telecommunications requirements, please call ETC Telecom at 604-299-4660 or contact us at 3rd floor, 2555 Gilmore Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 4T6. We will be more than delighted to assist you with any questions you may have. ETC Services: Besides selling and installing telephone systems, ETC Telecom provides the following services: Consulting ETC Telecom provides consulting services to help you reduce your telecommunications bills. With our help, many of our customers have reduced their bills by 40% or more by taking advantage of offerings that were not available just a few years ago. For a nominal fee, ETC Telecom can evaluate your business´ current telecommunications outlay and suggest a solution that is best for your business. Cabling and Network Infrastructure ETC Telecom is licensed as a low voltage electrical contractor with the British Columbia Safety Authority. ETC can install telephone and computer cabling throughout the lower Mainland, as well as arrange for permits and inspections. ETC Telecom can also provide the necessary hardware to connect your PC workstations to each other, to local servers, and to the Internet, such as racks, switches and routers. Voice and Data Connectivity As an authorized partner for Shaw Business Services, ETC Telecom can provide a range of services from a single business voice line to enterprise-class data services. Ask us how you can save on your monthly voice and data bill. Training ETC Telecom provides training for all of our telephone systems. Training is customized to the user and can be conducted on a one-on-one or with multiple users. Assured Performance Plan All ETC customers have the option of our Performance Plan (A.P.P.) which is a telecommunications equipment service contract payable quarterly. The A.P.P. ensures, among other things, that ETC can always restore service to your business quickly in the event of an outage. The A.P.P. includes services such as troubleshooting, reporting of troubles to service providers, and replacement or repair of telephone equipment, if necessary, as well as training on your telecommunications equipment on request. Recycling Today, British Columbia’s environmental law requires that obsolete electronic equipment be disposed of in a proper manner; it can no longer be simply thrown away. ETC Telecom is committed to reducing waste. For a small fee, ETC will deliver our customer’s obsolete telecommunications equipment to a certified electronics recycling depot.


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