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Do people have a financial advisor because they have money or do they have money because they have an advisor? We delegate building a house, getting our hair cut, or fixing our car but yet most try DIY finances and it’s overwhelming and paralyzing. I was there, I have 2 kids, a mortgage, car loans, RRSPs, TFSAs and a balanced growth portfolio recommended by the person at the bank. Did everything fit together? Was there a better way? How amazing would it be to have “a money doctor”?! That’s exactly what my practice does, check on people’s financial health but don’t get it wrong, it’s not about money. It’s about seeing your kid graduate debt free; going to work because you want to, not because you have to; travel more often; create a legacy for future generations; ultimately, peace of mind. As complex as it sounds it’s really simple: have a plan for your money with a professional you like and trust. I believe so deeply in financial literacy that I facilitate Financial Literacy workshops for local elementary and high schools in my community for free. I believe memories are truly the ultimate wealth we take to our grave that I support the Alzheimer’s society of BC as corporate liaison for The Walk for Memories, fundraiser to end Alzheimer’s disease. Ironically, my hobby is stand-up comedy, perhaps the complete opposite of my day profession but I figured if I’m going to make people want to cry during the day, I might as well make them laugh at night. All I offer at this point is a second opinion and a cup of coffee. Let’s meet.

Investing is like making Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


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